Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentines Day 2016, Il Porto, Frederick MD

OK; so I called too late for Valentines Day and they still took reservations for me and my favorite dining partner, my wife. The movie ended earlier than we anticipated; Deadpool go see it-you will not be disappointed. We arrived at Il Porto well before our designated time. The staff still managed to seat us after a very short wait at the bar. Did I mention this was Valentines Day and that Il Porto was packed?

At the bar we asked the bartender to pick a glass of wine for us. He poured us each a glass of  Gabbiano Solatio a blend of Syrah, Cabernet and Sangiovese. This wine is reasonably priced with a mellow start, berries in the  middle, and very long smooth finish. The bottle talks about tobacco although in truth I didn't get that. It was a nice drinkable glass of wine so we ordered a bottle when we got to our table.

I need to state that the service was exceptional throughout the entire meal. It was Valentines Day and we will certainly be going back to Il Porto; regardless, the place was packed and yet we received very personal attention throughout our entire meal. This was no easy feat considering that each server had many tables. Well done to the entire staff.


Do you live to eat or do you eat to live?

Every journey needs to start somewhere. Honestly I have wanted to write about the magnificent food available to the adventurous diner for years and have just never sat down and put thoughts, words, and emotions to page. I'm not a writer and this page will bear that out. I didn't do well in English; grammar and spelling were not my strong points. In fact if you look at my other blogs you will find I am serious about military history, uniforms, battles and toy soldiers. Did you know that Napoleons favorite pre-battle meal was potatoes and onions sauteed in olive oil? I love to eat and have a robust taste; a connection with the earthy peasant fare of all countries.. Having said that I know what I like and I am capable of recognizing sublime when I place it on my tongue.

This will not be a blog about the freshness of the basil at an Italian restaurant. It will not find fault with two day old bread. I am just not that type of eater and I really appreciate the efforts that go into every meal. In fact the only thing that really upsets me is being ignored. The only times I have ever walked out of a restaurant or been upset at a restaurant has been when I was seated and then promptly ignored. Even a simple plate of eggs has a certain nobility. There is an elegance to potatoes and onions sauteed in olive oil that surpasses the humbleness of the ingredients.

I'm a blue jeans and T-shirt guy and I live to eat.